Our designers

Arman EMAMI - industrial designer

Since 2005, the Berlin based industrial designer Arman Emami and his team have looked at everyday commodities from a completely different angle and fully detached from any conventions to create state-of-the-art design objects, which are sensible and sensual at the same time. Linchpin, designation and motor of the in Berlin situated design agency is the inspirational as well as systematic search of balance and harmony within their work, which can be easily found when looking at the serial-produced items of the innovative designers.


Since 2007, FREECOM and SYLVAIN WILLENZ Design Studio have collaborated on various projects resulting in a family of rubber enclosed hard-drives ranging from the Mobile Drive XXS in 2008 to the CLS in 2010. A prolific venture and exchange of competences, granted by several international awards and top institutions.


Niels in Vorm was found in 2008 by Chantal Niels, industrial designer. Chantal got her degree at the Design Academy, Eindhoven in 1996 and has more than 15 years of experience in designing product and gift packaging. A few clients she designed for are Koninklijke Begeer, Royal Delft and Bugaboo. Niels in Vorm works closely together with Freecom since 2008, taking care of house style and packaging design, brochures and presenting materials.